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Transformation with Psychedelics

I am grateful for my having chosen natural and synthesized plant medicine psychedelic journeys with experienced guides and trusted companions into the Great Fullness to work out old judgments I had formed or were given to me as a child trusting parents, church, schools, and peers that blocked the experience of life with mental and emotional filters of how life “should” be, and am grateful that I avoided trips to the psychiatrist for pharmaceutical experiments on mood control best suited for the empire.  I wanted to know for myself and not from other opinions who I was and what this life was.  I asked and received, sought and found, within and “at-hand”.

It’s too bad Nixon blocked himself with power criteria from understanding this healing method by placing the psychedelics and cannabis/marijuana in Schedule 1 with no healing abilities in the Controlled Substance Act, the basis for the Drug War. The US then strong-armed the UN to follow suit for international enforcement. No wonder the world is sick, mentally sick!

Examining data on more than 130,000 Americans in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Department of Neuroscience found that the use of psychedelic drugs not only doesn’t contribute to mental illness, but also may actually have a protective effect against it.

Psychedelic Drugs Linked to Lower Risk of Mental Illness

Photo by Kenneth E. Norton

Photo by Kenneth E. Norton

I hope more people discover the healing available in Nature: A dab of honey, a bite into a fresh pear or peach, an embrace, drinking a sun tea of flowers, standing up when injustice is experienced, a walk along the creek, discovering an edible mushroom, hello to an old friend, sending loving vibrations to another, picking a fruit off a cactus, fresh juiced plants and salads, and frequent visits to your still place within.

I actually prefer now those frequent visits within to the stillness, to remind me of the reference point that can truly gauge the value and source of thoughts and feelings arising in me in any moment. My favorite technique is the Breath of Mindfulness, developed by Thich Nhat Hanh, as it is simple and self-instructive, perfect for the kids and staff at the orphanage he founded in Vietnam that was being bombed by both the north and south forces during the war.  One says the indicated word or phrase at inhaling and another one at exhaling, and repeat so the mind stills.  When you say “smile”, really smile physically as it helps produce endorphins.   It is great to stop emotionally fueled stories.  The breathing grounds the concepts.

Breathe In,                     Breathe Out
Deep,                               Slow
Calm,                                Ease
Smile  (ear to ear!)        Release
Present Moment,        Precious Moment

The psychedelic journeys reinforced the importance of knowing this stillness within, and I am glad they were available to me on my spiritual journey.   I learned the value of acknowledging the four directions to set an inner compass in myself associated with nature’s compass, along with a note to myself that I chose to use this method and the journey can last for many hours and will pass.   In a state of confusion I could settle down by recognizing the natural directions again, my place on Earth.  Remember to do the Breath of Mindfulness if you feel trapped by an emotional upset.  Also remember to be mindful of the risks the Drug War laws present, and to wait some days for integration of the experience into your life before entering  into life changing agreements with others.



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