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Basest Ball Diamond in Sonoma County, California


Because we have to deal with privilege of elected officials over the rights of citizens, I have constructed this base-ball diamond to describe the actions we must take in Sonoma County to approach some semblance of democracy to evolve out of traditionally held bigotries of better-than-you mindset, that not just sheriff deputies like Erich Gelhaus has expressed in his social media and SWAT Magazine posts, but is deep seated in ordinary folks in denial with cognitive dissonance.  One just has to read the comments to the articles on the Press Democrat website.  If 2000 years of religious organizations and some times theocracies of Christianity, and more years of Judaism and a bit less of Islam haven’t been able to deal with this arrogance of humans, we better look beyond organizations and to within for intuitive guidance of that still place of our True Self naturally living out the commandment of love one another and unity consciousness with the Divine for right timing and placement of our being shining its light.

I am repeating the notes  for the hyperlinks.

1st Base  –  

Santa Rosa/Sonoma County Sheriff SWAT team allowing kids to play with automatic weapons and grenades at a Neighborhood Gang Violence Prevention Picnc in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in SW Santa Rosa in August 2011. Photo by Attila Nagy.  Published in  http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20110815/articles/110819663     

also in http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2027746/Pictures-children-handling-SWAT-team-weapons-causes-outrage.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Read Santa Rosa Mayor Olivares (a former SR cop) defend the kids playing with the SWAT weapons.


2nd Base:

2 years later after being taught by police officers in Santa Rosa  the fun of playing with automatic weapons, Andy Lopez was shot and killed by sheriff and military sharpshooter trainer Erich Gelhaus while the boy Andy was carrying a toy gun, in a safe manner returning home in his neighborhood.  Such toy playing was encoraged by the SWAT team at 1st Base.

3rd Base:

1 week  after  the killing of  Andy Lopez –  Grief of the parents and the  community

Sujey Lopez clutches the coffin holding her 13-year-old son as her husband Rodrigo Lopez consoles her during Andy Lopez’s funeral Mass on Tuesday at Resurrection Parish in Santa Rosa. [Press Democrat photo  10/29/13]

PD Editorial: A shooting that demands an explanation

Home Base:

Mothers in White protesting at Sonoma County Board of Supervisors  on the delay of prosecuting Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus,  Sheriff Freitas ginving Gelhaus back a desk job with pay, and the protocols in place allowing the police killing of children.   Mirrors were held up for the Supervisors to reflect on their decisions.  [Press Democrat photo  1/8/14]

 PD article: Protesters demand action for Andy Lopez killing

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