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Meeting Grace

Meeting Grace poem

                                                                  Poem and Photo (c) 2016 Kenneth E. Norton

Meeting Grace


To light beyond the light

breathe in the sight.

Know who knows

friends and foes

shines on both.

Be kind.



be kind,

shine on both

friends and foes,

know who knows

breathes out insight

in awe beyond the light.


                                     Kenneth E. Norton

January 26, 2016

– I was inspired by a photo of a butterfly ready to fly to the sun which I took on 8/7/2015, while remembering recent statements of of the Dalai Lama with Pope Francis concurring the essence of spirituality is to be kind, and Gandhi’s Ahimsa and Satyagraha of living truth in patience for ignorance in man to fade upon or after meeting one another.

Photo and Poem © 2016 Kenneth E. Norton

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