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100 Words to Describe the Tao of a Stalk of Wheat

100 words to describe the Tao of a stalk of wheat

I wrote this poem on October 3rd, 2017 upon given a challenge by my Tai Chi Chuan Master David Chung.   Five days later on Sunday October 8th I had second thoughts about the use of the word “sparks,” but I decided to keep the word as I realized that sparks are in the flow of life.  Later that night I and my city of Santa Rosa felt the transformative abundance of sparks in the Tubbs Wildfire Disaster of 2017.

Watch the feeling world, and your states of feeling.  That is how we receive guidance.  It is best to seek guidance after dwelling in the “stillness” within, free of emotional desperation, revenge, fear and anger, while trusting in being beloved as a vital contributor of the universe now in this space and time.  This kept me and my wife Elaine centered during the crisis with familiar forms of communication and perception cut off, guiding us step by step. We also made sure our soulcrafts’ operating system functions were humming by referring to my mentor’s Ten Words to the Creative Spirit.

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