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Past episodes on the Scent of Light

I will do a little catch-up here by listing the past shows since the show first was aired on Radio KOWS 92.5 FM last Mother’s Day 2018.  The list is also updated at http://kennethenorton.com/SOL.html

Scent of Light Episodes

Each episode has its own page on this website.  The audio files and transcripts are available on the respective pages. The episodes are about 5 minutes long if it is just the voice recording. If it is a radio stream recording it will include an introduction by Andre’ Marc and background music he has chosen, extending the show a couple of minutes.

Date Description 
(Click the name or date for the link to the show’s webpage)
1/27/19 Mercy
1/13/2019 Healing  (with music and postword)
12/23/2018 Love (with music and postword)
12/9/2018 Peace (with music and comments)
11/25/2018 Peace (no music)
11/11/2018 Joy
10/28/2018 Grace
10/14/2018 Tao of a Stalk of Wheat (repeat of 7/8/18)
9/23/2018 Gratitude, Complaint, Breath
9/9/2018 Ten Words to the Creative Spirit
8/12/2018 Scent of Light  (Namesake for the Series)
7/22/2018 The Word
7/8/2018  Tao of a Stalk of Wheat
6/24/2018 Mentoring
5/28/2018 Memorial Day
5/13/2018 Mother’s Day  (First Show)

About the show Scent of Light

 The Scent of Light is a regular series of 5-minute vignettes produced by Ken Norton for the Radio Spotlight Magazine hosted by Andre’ Marc on Radio KOWS 92.5 FM on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month between 2 to 4 PM, streaming live at  kows.fm.

Each vignette is written and recorded in Ken’s home studio in Santa Rosa, California. Each episode is archived on its own webpage at this website and is included in the  list above. The first vignette was produced for Mother’s Day May 13, 2018. The show Scent of Light is named after a poem of Hafiz, which was first introduced on the sixth show of August 12, 2018 with the words:

Welcome to the Scent of Light. My name is Ken Norton. This is the newly conceived name of this 5-minute vignette I produce. It just came to me last week upon receiving a birthday gift from my friend Val, an anthology of poems by Hafiz, the great Sufi master, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky, in his book called The Gift. I opened the book to this poem.

Like a great starving Beast
My body is quivering
On the scent

This poem captures my intention for the show. I am on the scent of light with this conviction of Hafiz.

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