Past episodes on the Scent of Light

I will do a little catch-up here by listing the past shows since the show first was aired on Radio KOWS 92.5 FM last Mother’s Day 2018.  The list is also updated at Scent of Light Episodes Each episode has its own page on this website.  The audio files and transcripts are available on […]

100 Words to Describe the Tao of a Stalk of Wheat

I wrote this poem on October 3rd, 2017 upon given a challenge by my Tai Chi Chuan Master David Chung.   Five days later on Sunday October 8th I had second thoughts about the use of the word “sparks,” but I decided to keep the word as I realized that sparks are in the flow of […]

Meeting Grace

Meeting Grace   To light beyond the light breathe in the sight. Know who knows friends and foes shines on both. Be kind. You. I be kind, shine on both friends and foes, know who knows breathes out insight in awe beyond the light.                                                         Kenneth E. Norton January 26, 2016 – I […]

Ten Words to the Creative Spirit by William Hermanns, my mentor – Start your day making sure your spiritual instruments are turned on by these Ten Words to keep you in tune with the Creative Spirit.

               Ten Words to the Creative Spirit   Give me Grace so I walk uplifted through this day. Give me Joy so my heart has enough and to spare for others. Give me Peace so an angelic spirit accompanies me wherever I go. Give me Love so darkness changes to sunshine where I am. Give me […]

What is Constant?

        What is Constant? What is constant when I see? What is constant when I hear? What is constant when I touch? What is constant when I talk? What is constant when I taste? What is constant when I smell? What is constant when I feel? What is constant when I heal? What is constant […]

Bee Still

Bee still still bee not still bee still                                                                                                                          Kenneth E. Norton


Still Still here Still now I know Still I still know Still Still I I breathe in I rest I breathe out I rest I know Still Still I Kenneth E. Norton To Sharon Maser, January 24, 2015, 3 weeks before Sharon’s death due to cancer.