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Communion of saints

I experienced a sign through synchronicity on January 26, 2014.  I was dealing with a flu or something causing me much distress in my GI tract and feeling lousy.  At 3 am I got up to make another cup of tea to help calm my body, and Elaine was up.  I told her that my […]

Reflection on Mother Matters

I uploaded some poetry of my mentor William Hermanns on Mary, the mother of Jesus to http://www.williamhermanns.com .  I will add links to the specific webpage in my post.  Why I say Mother Matters, is. to begin with, our language.  Mater is Latin for “mother”.  From Mater we get Material.  So we live in a […]

My Goodreads review of The Holocaust- from a Survivor of Verdun by William Hermanns

The Holocaust: From a Survivor of Verdun by William Hermanns This is an excellent account of a young man’s discovery of his conscience after his passionate volunteering to join the army with dreams of marching triumphantly through the enemy’s capitol. This battle for his loyalty between patriotism and his conscience sense of a shared humanity […]

My Goodreads review of Einstein and the Poet

Einstein and the Poet: In Search of the Cosmic Man by William Hermanns Excellent look into the mind of Einstein, especially regarding his conscience and interaction with society. View all my reviews   I just launched the rebuild of the website in the author’s honor  http://www.williamhermanns.com   You can see the page dedicated to this […]

First Gedicht added to williamhermanns.com in honor of my mentor

I added a German poem (Gedicht)  called Weihnachtsstimmung (Christmas Mood) as the first German literary work of William Hermanns online at the site I have built and am growing. I will be adding Poems and Gedichte to the site in honor of my mentor William Hermanns at http://www.williamhermanns.com as the Featured Poem or Featured Gedicht […]

Video of Albert Einstein and the Poet William Hermanns found

I just posted the video to the website I have built and manage http://www.williamhermanns.com in tribute to my mentor Prof. Dr. William Hermanns, whom I assisted and cared for from 1970 to 1990.  I did not know of its existence until my discovery in a packed box just a couple of months ago.  The videographer […]

Hello world!

In the Fall of 1970 I met my mentor Prof. Dr. William Hermanns (1895-1990) while working on my B.S. in Materials Science at San Jose State University.  I subsequently earned my M.S. in Materials Science at Stanford University in 1975 under my graduate advisor Dr. William Tiller.  I assisted Dr. Hermanns for almost 20 years […]