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Our dollarcracy is so simple, especially after the US Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United case.  Most dollars win. No need for any other regulation or law or privilege or right. No need for two great commandments or even ten. How do you measure love? See. Dollars are easier. We can be sure of outcomes […]

Finished the rebuild of Elaine’s website for her show Women’s Spaces

I finished rebuilding the website http://www.womensspaces.com for Web 3.0 standards. I am happy with the look and feel and that the links all work.  It now has the ability to accept comments for each video posted on the site to encourage discussions.

Video of Albert Einstein and the Poet William Hermanns found

I just posted the video to the website I have built and manage http://www.williamhermanns.com in tribute to my mentor Prof. Dr. William Hermanns, whom I assisted and cared for from 1970 to 1990.  I did not know of its existence until my discovery in a packed box just a couple of months ago.  The videographer […]

Hello world!

In the Fall of 1970 I met my mentor Prof. Dr. William Hermanns (1895-1990) while working on my B.S. in Materials Science at San Jose State University.  I subsequently earned my M.S. in Materials Science at Stanford University in 1975 under my graduate advisor Dr. William Tiller.  I assisted Dr. Hermanns for almost 20 years […]