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Communion of saints

I experienced a sign through synchronicity on January 26, 2014.  I was dealing with a flu or something causing me much distress in my GI tract and feeling lousy.  At 3 am I got up to make another cup of tea to help calm my body, and Elaine was up.  I told her that my […]

Aleut Native Elder Larry Merculieff speaks on bringing back the sacred feminine

Aleut Native Elder Larry Merculieff speaks in this 15-minute video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4TKmldjrM on bringing back the sacred feminine.  He describes how the tribal women would dance on the outside of the circle forming for sacred work in order to move the Cosmic Womb Energy present in their wombs into the center of the circle, so the […]

Wiricuta and right relationship

A teacher of mine, Tomas Pinkson, sent me the following on his experience in Wiricuta.  It is my intent to walk in balance with Nature and Spirit. hola relatives – thought some of you might find of interest the below comments extracted from a review i was asked to do for an upcoming issue of […]

Transformation with Psychedelics

I am grateful for my having chosen natural and synthesized plant medicine psychedelic journeys with experienced guides and trusted companions into the Great Fullness to work out old judgments I had formed or were given to me as a child trusting parents, church, schools, and peers that blocked the experience of life with mental and […]


                                             Word  In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God. word is a symbol to communicate meaning among humans objectification exists with the word therefore the search back to oneself never to find as long as one seeks it in the word for the word will say here […]


Someone Someone, no, many  were killed for me to be here. Someone, no, many suffered indignity and rejection for me to be here. Someone, no, many, starved for me to be here. Someone, no many, were taken from their parents for me to be here. Someone, no, many, are still hurting for me to be […]