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Wiricuta and right relationship

A teacher of mine, Tomas Pinkson, sent me the following on his experience in Wiricuta.  It is my intent to walk in balance with Nature and Spirit. hola relatives – thought some of you might find of interest the below comments extracted from a review i was asked to do for an upcoming issue of […]

Transformation with Psychedelics

I am grateful for my having chosen natural and synthesized plant medicine psychedelic journeys with experienced guides and trusted companions into the Great Fullness to work out old judgments I had formed or were given to me as a child trusting parents, church, schools, and peers that blocked the experience of life with mental and […]


Our dollarcracy is so simple, especially after the US Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United case.  Most dollars win. No need for any other regulation or law or privilege or right. No need for two great commandments or even ten. How do you measure love? See. Dollars are easier. We can be sure of outcomes […]