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Aleut Native Elder Larry Merculieff speaks on bringing back the sacred feminine

Aleut Native Elder Larry Merculieff speaks in this 15-minute video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4TKmldjrM on bringing back the sacred feminine.  He describes how the tribal women would dance on the outside of the circle forming for sacred work in order to move the Cosmic Womb Energy present in their wombs into the center of the circle, so the […]

Parable of the Worm

What if we had more respect for the worm? [and so did the Gospel of John author?]                                                      Parable of the Worm In the beginning was the Worm, and the Worm was with Gardener, and the Worm was Gardener. He [who was also she] was with Gardener in the beginning. Through her all things were […]