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Communion of saints

I experienced a sign through synchronicity on January 26, 2014.  I was dealing with a flu or something causing me much distress in my GI tract and feeling lousy.  At 3 am I got up to make another cup of tea to help calm my body, and Elaine was up.  I told her that my mentor Professor William Hermanns had told me that if he was God he would make man better, and then I looked up and yelled, “OK, Professor, now is your time to show your stuff and make me better!”  I was able to sleep a bit and then around 8 AM I got up and went to the library to look up some healing herbs when I pulled out a small dark green  paperback book the Raw Vegetable Juice book by N.W. Walker.  I thumbed through it and then skipped to the back inside cover page where I discovered a poem penciled in by my mentor dedicated to me and dated January 26, 1979.  Here is what he had written to me 35 years ago when I was dealing with an auto-immune dis-ease ulcerative colitis, which today was flaring up with this run of the flu.

Be True to Yourself

Be true to yourself.  Be still and know:
No bonds of the blood, and no nation,
No yesterday’s chain, no tomorrow’s hope –
The now is your truth, your salvation.

Rise in your fullness and create
Be conscious of only one bond:
Your partnership with cosmic laws.
Go forth, create your beyond.

William Hermanns

[P605 Kingscote Gardens, Stanford, 7/26/1979; dedicated to Ken;

http://www.williamhermanns.com/Poem/P605.html ]

So, in spite of the momentary distress, I know I am on a spiritual journey, and this dis-ease will pass, and I will continue to create my beyond in partnership with cosmic laws.  Perhaps my distress is caused by detoxification and letting go of old cells for the creation of new more suitable for my upcoming creations?  Whatever, I do know that somehow I am in communion with some life energy of my mentor and with the cosmos through this sign of synchronicity.    Raised as a Catholic, I was taught about the Communion of Saints.  I think that this is a spirit family that we are born into through living this life according to our true purpose and led by our conscience, that voice of our True Self.

My mentor was raised Jewish but he was baptized a Catholic by Bishop Fulton Sheen in 1952 with the name Francis Paul.  The year after I met my mentor he took me to Assisi to be initiated into the Franciscan Third Order of lay people, as St. Francis was the saint I admired and whose name I chose to be confirmed a Catholic as a young adult.  I helped him over 19 years with his manuscripts and cared for him until his death in 1990.  I am more than a Catholic through my experiences with my mentor.  I am cosmic.   I keep up the communion with him through such experiences as related above and also through the website I constructed in his honor.  I am including the following link as this webpage has some photos of him with me, with another poem he wrote to me called My Spiritual Son, to show more on the relationship that began in 1970 and continues beyond my mentor’s death to today and I am sure into the future:


Are you noticing the signs in your life and heeding them?  Do you have timeless relationships?

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